• www.funbrain.com
    Math Arcade on Funbrain
    Funbrain's Math Arcade is an online game with 25 levels of math-learning fun.
  • www.mathplayground.com
    Math Games and Activities for Kids
    Math Playground has action games and puzzles focusing on concepts such as basic math operations, algebra, percent, geometry, multiples, and money.
  • www.oswego.org
    Oswego City School District
    Kids receive an award they can print for winning games.
  • www.counton.org
    Count On
    Fun math java games for many different age levels.
  • resources.kaboose.com
    Kaboose - Math Games
    Arcade style games that make kids forget they are educational! Fun while learning.
  • www.gamequarium.com
    Gamequarium Interactive Math Games
    Uses familiar cartoon characters for educational math-learning fun.
  • www.bbc.co.uk
    BBC Education Games Wheel
    Fun shockwave math games in a gameshow format.
  • www.mathcats.com
    Math Cats
    Tetris-style math games that kids will love.
  • www.leapfrog.com
    Leapfrog - Grades K-5
    Kids love video games, and Leapster's lineup of electronic games aids children in learning math skills while having fun. Choices include electronic math flash cards, twist and shout math games, and adventure games geared towards learning math skills. These are handheld games that your kids can take anywhere.